About Big Spring, TX                                                                   

Big Spring is located at the crossroads of U.S. Interstate Highway 20, State Highway 87, State Highway 350 and State Highway 176 in West Texas.

Big Spring’s unique topography is a mixture of wide open plains mixed with the convergence of the northern limit of the Edwards Plateau and the southern most hills of the Caprock. Big Spring is nestled in a gorge between two high foothills creating beautiful vistas and an oasis in the West Texas prairie.

Big Spring has a diverse and varied economy.  Oil and gas production became a major economic force in the early 1900’s and continues today. Today the economy has grown to include refining, manufacturing, wind energy production, transportation, governmental services, and a broad range of health care services.

Big Spring is well connected by highway, air, and rail service. The city is located at the crossroads of West Texas and is easily accessible from any direction, making it part of the Ports to Plains Region. Along with highway access, Big Spring is east–west rail serviced by Union Pacific Railroad. The city also has McMahon/Wrinkle Airport, located in Big Spring, as well as an international airport only 60 miles to the west.