All new hires are required to undergo drug and alcohol testing. All employees are required to undergo random drug and alcohol testing.

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Job Position Description:  Operating Crew Member

Operating Crew Member is a member of the train crew. Each member will be trained in both the position of railway switchman and locomotive conductor. These positions will perform the switching of rail cars either by lining cars onto different tracks or by operating the locomotive to move the cars onto different tracks.

The majority of work will be performed during daylight hours, however some night and weekend work may be required.

No employee will ever be required to work longer than 12 hours at a time.


  • Safely switch railcars and safe train movement


  • Comply with company and federal safety rules, policies and procedures to include wearing required safety equipment
  • Responding to and acting on safety concerns
  • Ever vigilant to prevent injuries to other employees and general public


  • Obtain and receive information and act on oral or written instructions by various communication devices
  • Monitor and report daily work


  • Climb on/off equipment
  • Set/release hand brakes
  • Couple/uncouple air hoses
  • Observe, interpret and relay hand, lantern, and other signals for train movement
  • Judge and control speed and clearance distance of cars
  • Operate the direction, speed, and stopping ability of the locomotive and attached rail cars
  • Ability to make independent judgment using sound reasoning and rail operating skills
  • Ever vigilant to prevent injuries to other employees and general public
  • Distinguish between different lights


  • Operate track switches and derails to change train routing within yards or on main track
  • Check switch points for proper alignment
  • Lift switch handles


  • Switch, spot cars and determine train make-up
  • Check the condition of the locomotive and inspect for defects
  • Observe and monitor track conditions (e.g. broken rails, defective switches, weather-related problems)
  • Inspect rail cars per federal regulations


  • Valid driver’s license
  • Able to read, write and communicate (speak, hear and understand) English. Must be able to receive and understand oral and written instructions from customers and managers indicating onto which tracks rail car are to be placed
  • Able to work outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Able to lift and carry up to 30 lbs. frequently, 60 lbs. occasionally and up to 90 lbs. infrequently
  • Ability to see and interpret hand signals from near and far; visually distinguish colors - red, blue, green, yellow and lunar (clear light); visually judge speed and distance of moving objects; see at night; hear, and, with training, distinguish auditory signals
  • Able to visually distinguish and differentiate colors on computer display screens
  • Able to use hands to perform activities involving holding, grasping, turning and pulling
  • Able to work on uneven surfaces; frequently climb ladders and get on/off equipment; work at various heights above the ground including on top of locomotives, railcars and other equipment
  • Able to work in conditions with loud noise (hearing protection provided) and fumes; work on/around heavy/moving machinery; bend, lift, walk, stand, sit for extended time; and use hand tools
  • Follow safety policies and procedures; wear required personal protective equipment
  • Basic computer skills